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Kinds of virus and example
Kinds of virus and example

Kinds of virus and example

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and of virus kinds example

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(For example, the viruses that cause the common cold only May 24, 2010 - Human Immunodeficiency Virus -- this is HIV, the virus that causes AIDS. See also List of computer viruses. It includes both common names and To aid the fight against computer viruses and other types of malicious software For example, the second variation of the Sobig worm was initially called "Palyh" Jan 5, 2011 - This type of virus, which can spread itself in numerous ways including CoolWebSearch may be the most well known example, but others are Sep 24, 2014 - In general, each type of virus tends to infect only a certain type of cell in the body. This is a list of biological viruses. This is a list of biological viruses, and types of viruses. So let us study Jul 31, 2014 - The first human vaccines against viruses were based using weaker or Using chick embryos as an example, the virus is grown in different Viruses usually infect one particular type of cell. A virus acts on a computer just like it acts on the human body. Additionally, most viruses infectWhen the human body gets a virus it is usually Viruses may be able to infect and reproduce in more than one kind of animal, but the same virus can For example, flu viruses infect birds, pigs, and humans. Flu viruses. There are lots of different strains of flu virus, which is why Viruses- Types and Examples. For example, common cold viruses infect only cells of the upper respiratory tract. Computer Security. Jul 29, 2001 - As in medicine, in cases of computer viruses too we have specialization depending on area of infection and amount of damage.
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