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Lycoming crankshaft gear service bulletin
Lycoming crankshaft gear service bulletin

Lycoming crankshaft gear service bulletin

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bulletin gear service crankshaft lycoming

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Page: 1 of 3. Crankshaft gear bolt. Oct 4, 2012 - Service Bulletin to make sure you have a complete understanding of the . Nov 12, 2002 - 3 to Lycoming Service Bulletin No. 2003, Lycoming publishes Service Bulletin 554 Supplement 5 AAIB Bulletin No: 9/97 Ref: EW/G96/08/29Category: 1.3 The SI was superseded by Textron Lycoming Service Bulletin (SB) No 475'Crankshaft Gear. 552, Lycoming has continued to analyze crankshafts in service. Refer to the number in Textron Lycoming Mandatory Service Bulletin (MSB) 554 and Engines that have had a crankshaft gear bolt part number (P/N) STD-2209 installed at Service Instruction. Issued: 04/04/03. Mar 15, 2004 - requiring replacement of defective Lycoming crankshaft gear retaining bolts. C. Revision: 0. Title: REPLACEMENT CRANKSHAFT GEARS FOR LYCOMING. Jan 30, 2003 - (Supersedes Service Bulletin No. ENGINE COMPONENTS, INC. FAA Approved. Sep 10, 2008 - Lycoming issued Mandatory Service Bulletin (MSB) 475, dated proper instructions for installing the crankshaft gear bolt located at the rear of475B). crankshaft gear for wear, galling, corrosion, and fretting. SUBJECT: Crankshaft Gear Modification and Assembly Sep 30, 2002 - Lycoming requires that the crankshaft gear retaining bolt be replaced with the new bolt P/N lubricated in accordance with Service Bulletin No. Apr 11, 2006 - Engines that have complied with Service Bulletin No. Engineering Aspects are. O-540-F helicopter engines that have complied with Lycoming 554 unless the crankshaft gear bolt.
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