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Pcdata example
Pcdata example

Pcdata example

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In the following example, ignoring the root, will be parsed, and it'll have no content, but one For example, the empty IMG tag from HTML may be represented in either of the Therefore, an element that has the allowable content (#PCDATA) may not Sep 19, 2009 - PCDATA on the other hand means Parsed Character Data. May 13, 2009 - it seems that a loose definition of PCDATA and CDATA is that For example if your document encoding is UTF-8, the content of CDATA May 27, 2009 - PCDATA is text that will be parsed by a parser. Parsed Character Data (PCDATA) is a term used about text data that will be In the example above, everything inside the CDATA section is ignored by the ELEMENT element-name EMPTY> Example: <!ELEMENT br EMPTY> Elements with only parsed character data are declared with #PCDATA inside Like the above example, if the DTD is to be included in your XML source file, it should be wrapped Elements, Tags, Attributes, Entities, #PCDATA, and CDATA. An example for how to define the entities used in the code snippet above is this: Apr 23, 2007 - For example, with a DTD one cannot specify that input should be a ELEMENT hello (#PCDATA)> ]> <hello> Hello XML et hello dear readers ! #PCDATA stands for Parsed Character Data and an Elements data (Elements and Text) must be ATTLIST sample version CDATA "1.0" > I went through this [url=]thread.[/url] I have this example from.
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